The Film Production Coalition (FPC) is an organization dedicated to collaboratively making short films every quarter in small production groups, in a variety of genres. We don’t require any experience and are committed to teaching members all aspects of film production from start to finish. 

We also host a quarterly festival that is used to exhibit the work of FPC in addition to content produced by other Student Media organizations and independent filmmakers.

Email us at for information or check out or social media below!

FPC will continue remotely throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic!


Our Team

  • Executive Producers: Katelyn Brooks and Erika Pe
  • Secretary: Ashvin Goyal
  • Treasurers: Cureha Mitchell and Perebi Erabor
  • Outreach Coordinators: Dale Hanson and Ryan Klaner-Glennon
  • Event Coordinator: Shannon Donley
  • Webmaster: Emma Forbes


Our Work

Events and Information

FPC will be accepting new members this upcoming 2020 fall quarter. A link to sign up will be posted once the quarter starts.

Q: How do I get to/Where is the Student Media Press Center?
A: We are located in the center of campus, adjacent to the ARCenter.
Q: Are there any requirements to join FPC?
A: None at all! We welcome filmmakers from all backgrounds and experience levels. 
Q: What equipment will I have access to?
A:  Equipment is accessible to our members on the basis of certifications. However, you can follow this URL to view our inventory:
Q: How do I join a production group?
A: Our sign-up process takes place during the first two weeks of the quarter after which we divide into groups and begin pre-production. You can sign up for and select the group you wish to join in the link found in the “Upcoming Events” tab. We have a variety of genres who approach their productions in different ways, but still produce similar end results!