A Note About COVID-19

Hello SCTV members!

The Press Center and the Equipment Team are taking extreme safety measures to make sure students are safe during this uncertain time. In compliance with the county and state shelter in place orders, the Press Center is closed until further notice. This means that the Equipment Team will not be having in-office hours and all Equipment Workshops have been cancelled. However, these have been replaced with virtual zoom office hours and virtual workshops. We will keep this page updated with this information.  Other than check-outs for laptops, the Equipment Team will not be allowing check-outs for any other pieces of equipment at this time. If the situation changes we will be sure to send out emails in order to keep you all informed. We appreciate your patience and hope you are all staying healthy and safe!

To initate a laptop checkout, please email us at!


The Equipment Team

About Us

The Equipment Department is a resource for all Student Media organizations. Within our page, you will find links to our online checkout system, certification quizzes, workshop reservations, equipment visual inventory, production guides, equipment use guidelines, current office hours, and a biography of each Equipment Manager. You can contact us at or stop by the Student Media Center during our office hours.

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Winter Virtual Office Hours 2020
Monday 12:30PM-2:30PM
Tuesday 12:30PM-2:30PM
Wednesday 12:30PM-2:30PM
Thursday 12:30PM-2:30PM
Friday 9:00AM-10:30AM

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Send us an email to any time and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

The equipment department is not accepting calls at this time due to the Press Center being closed.

To drop in to our virtual office hours click here.


      1. SCTV provides the use of its equipment to those students involved directly in SCTV or to students involved in a registered Student Media Print organization; and only for projects pertaining to SCTV and registered Student Media Print organizations.
      2. Everyone requesting equipment must:
        • Be currently enrolled as a UCSC student, and a member of SCTV or a Student Media Print organization.
        • Successfully complete the Student Media equipment certification process prior to submitting any equipment checkout requests.
        • Be requesting equipment specifically for a Student Media organization project.
      3. SCTV regular programming has priority over other equipment checkout requests
      4. Requests are processed in the order that they are received.
      5. General equipment checkout request forms must be filed at least 2 business days prior to the date of requested checkout.
      6. Multi-Camera checkout request forms must be filed two or more weeks prior to the date of requested checkout.
      7. Equipment can only be checked out for one business day. For example, if a studetn checks out equipment on a Tuesday, it must be returned on Wednesday. If equipment is checked out on a Friday, however, it is required to be returned the following Monday. Equipment checkout requests will only be processed between normal business operation hours of Equipment Managers (Current hours are listed on our Desk in the Press Center & on our website)
      8. Regarding Multi-­Camera checkouts: All members operating equipment must be currently enrolled at UCSC and must have successfully completed the Student Media equipment certification process.
      9. SCTV will hold the borrower financially responsible for all damage or loss of equipment while checked­ out under user’s name (this responsibility extends to any damage caused to the equipment or loss of equipment by any other individual(s) while equipment is checked out under user’s name). This includes but is not limited to the following: intentional and unintentional damage, misuse, neglect, marring or scratching, theft of any nature, etc.
      10. The borrower must return all equipment as scheduled in proper working order. The borrower agrees to provide for the repair or replacement of any and all items in the event of damage or loss.
      11. If equipment is lost, stolen or returned damaged, appropriate fines will be charged to the student’s account. Payments must be made in full or UCSC enrollment and/or transcript requests will be denied.
      12. Late Return Notification: Equipment must be returned by the scheduled time, as other users may be scheduled to check out the same equipment, and the check-in and checkout process takes time. If a member knows that they will be late for a checkout or check in, they are obligated to email us immediately. Penalties may include suspension of access to equipment.
      13. Late Equipment Checkout Notification: Borrowers must inform via email to the Student Media Equipment Manager no later than 2 hours prior to scheduled checkout time to avoid any penalties. Penalties could include the immediate inability to check out equipment, and/or temporary suspension of access to equipment checkout. If the user is late to check out equipment, other users’ equipment checkout requests will immediately be considered. It is Student Media and SCTV’s desire to extend maximum access to equipment to qualified UCSC students.
      14. All equipment must be picked up and returned by the indvidual who is listed on the checkout reservation. If at any time the equipemnt is transferred to another member, both individuals must complete a Transfer of Custody form and present it upon check-in.
      15. Borrowers who neglect proper checkout and return policy guidelines will be barred from further equipment use. Neglect of Student Media SCTV Equipment Use Guidelines will result in penalization including removal of access to equipment checkout and appropriate fines for lost or damaged equipment. Neglect of equipment use guidelines by multiple members of a specific organization could lead to sanctions against the specific organization up to and including suspension of equipment checkout access.
    1. All equipment MUST be used on-campus. If equipment breaks or someone is injured while on a shoot off-campus, the student who checked out the equipment/the signer of the org will be 100% financially responsible for the charges related to the damages. If the same situation were to occur on-campus, however, SCTV insurance would cover part of the cost.