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SCTV Certifications

Certification and Bootcamp Information
Three core SCTV Certifications are available for members: General & Camera, Audio, and Lighting. Advanced Certifications are available upon request for specific pieces of equipment. All Quizzes will become available on October 2nd.

Members who have completed the General & Camera Certification and passed General & Camera Certification Quiz are able to work on the set of productions and checkout SCTV cameras.
Members who have completed Audio Certification and the Audio Certification Quiz are allowed to checkout SCTV audio gear.
Members who have completed Lighting Certification and the Lighting Certification Quiz are allowed to checkout SCTV lighting and grip gear. SCTV also offers Advanced Certifications for the Flycam, Steadicam, Tricaster and Crane.

For Weeks 2 - 3 of Winter 2018, Certifications will be held at Bootcamps during the weekends.

Winter Equipment Bootcamp Reservation Forms

During Week 3 - Week 7 Certifications will be available per request during these times:

Monday 9:20 AM - 11:20AM
Monday 1:05PM - 3:05PM

Tuesday: 10:50AM - 12:50AM
Tuesday: 12:50PM - 2:50PM

Wednesday: 1:20PM - 3:20PM

Friday: 11:50AM -1:50PM
Friday: 3:20PM to 5:00 PM

Fill out a reservation form located below and you will receive an email within one business day with a confirmation of a time.

Week 3 - 7 Certification Reservation Form.

At the end of every certification members must take and pass the appropriate quiz. Certifications last until the end of that academic year. At the beginning of the following academic year, previously certified members only need to retake and pass the quizzes of their past certifications to renew.
General & Camera Certification
General & Camera Certification is the first certification taken by any SCTV member. At this workshop, you will be taught the SCTV Equipment Guidelines, how to use the Canon C100, and how to conduct yourself on set. Members who complete General and Cameras Certification are able checkout SCTV cameras and be on set. After the Certification or if you have taken one in a previous academic year, take the corresponding quiz here:

General & Camera Certification Quiz

After the quiz, make sure to fill out our corresponding feedback form here:

General & Camera Certification Feedback

Photography Certification
At this workshop, you will be taught the basics of photography. Members who complete Photography Certification will be able to checkout SCTV camera gear.
If you have taken the Photography certification within the past academic year, you may opt out of the in-person certification and take the quiz.
Please complete the Photography Quiz Here
Audio Certification
At this worksop you will be taught how to get clean recordings with the H5 and various types of microphones. Members who complete Audio Certification are able checkout SCTV audio gear.
Please complete the Audio quiz here
Lighting Certification
At this workshop you will learn the basics of lighting and safe set practices. Key concepts include, 3-point lighting, voltage, amperage, and gaffing. Members who complete Lighting Certification will be able to checkout SCTV lighting gear.
Please complete the Lighting quiz here
Editing Certification
At this workshop you will learn the basics of editing in Adobe Premiere Pro, in addition to working with multiple types of footage, basic color correction and VFX, and other Premiere techniques.

RSVP for an Editing Certification

1) Editing QUIZ
2) Editing FEEDBACK
Advanced Certification
SCTV offers advanced certifications for the Steadicam, Flycam, Tricaster, and Crane. Completing one allows members to checkout the specific equipment.
New Workshop Request
If you are interested in learning something that we currently don't teach, feel free to request it in the following form, we'd love to hear from you!
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