Film Production Coalition

Students of UCSC that would like to gain firsthand film production experience can join the Film Production Coalition at any time. FPC is comprised of about 70 students that are divided into several small production groups. In Spring 2015, we expanded our content to include an animation group.

Throughout each quarter, these groups collaborate to create short films and to develop knowledge of all aspects of production. We offer students the opportunity to produce quality media regardless of any prior experience. We also host a quarterly film festival that is used to exhibit the work of FPC in addition to content produced by other Student Media organizations and independent filmmakers.

To join in for spring quarter, apply here! No experience necessary!

Click here for Spring 2017 Application

Weekly Meetings

  • 7:30pm - 9pm

Animation Producer

Anna Leon

Animation Producer

Jaime Villanueva


Hudson Knight

Co-Producer/Outreach Coordinator

Sara Sebahar

Co-Producer (Spring '17)

Cristiano Bobiles


Joy Baumeister

Co-Producer/Events Coordinator

Kaiena Conlan


Jake Gustafson

Producer (Former)

Arca Coruh

Producer Spring 2016-Winter 2017

Treasurer (Former)

Thomas Carter

Fall 2016-Winter 2017

Animation Producer (Former)

Keenan Hampton

Fall 2016-Winter 2017