SCTV Council is the managing body for all of Student Cable Television. Comprised of representatives from each SCTV organization, the Council helps foster growth of new broadcast organizations, works to maintain the strength of current organizations and identifies key goals to keep SCTV advancing.

Some notable achievements include: establishing a unified web-presence, developing a self-orientation curriculum for new members of SCTV, expanding the quarterly FPC Film Festival to include all organizations and establishing the SCTV 101 2-unit course. SCTV Council is currently working on improving the Channel 16 experience, so that on-campus individuals can have 24/7 access to regularly programmed content.



SCTV Council Meetings take place on Mondays from 1:30 PM to 2:30 PM.


Scott Leiserson

Associate Director of Student Media

Matthew J. Sanchez

SCTV Broadcast Coordinator

Dustin Lennin Choto

SCTV Program Manager

Aadam Mohammad

Executive Producer of OTS

Hudson Knight

Executive Producer of FPC

Tim Tsung

Executive Producer of BSN

Adesh Kumar

Executive Producer of SWA